I blame performance management

I blame performance management.  I appreciate I should explain that statement.

I have been a Headteacher for over 12 years now.

OFSTED says our school is an outstanding school where students attain high academic standards and develop impressive personal qualities.  Since that judgement in 2011 our results have risen further and we are a better school now than we were then.

I am a National Leader of Education and support two other local schools, one Secondary, one Primary.  We are doing very well indeed, thank you very much.  However, and I know it probably comes from somewhere deep in my psyche, I find the attention that we receive as a result of this intensely embarrassing, particularly on a personal level.

Through my performance management review in October, Governors recognised this and mischievously set me the target to share my thoughts on leadership, learning and school life with the world via Twitter and a blog.  So far, I have tweeted once and this is my first attempt at blogging.  As I am writing this, one of our Assistant Heads is laughing at me because I am writing it in pen for my PA to type up.  But I will persevere.

So what have I learnt or relearnt this week?

  1. Don’t leave January Training Day planning until the last three days of term.
  2. Being able to laugh with your colleagues really helps you keep your head above water.
  3. Even at the end of a tough term, this is the best job in the world.